1 on 1 Training

We work very closely with players from different age from 8 to 25 years olds that

want to improve individual abilities.

We work with professional coaches that help us with advice in what are the right steps to take to achieve the maxim potential for the player.

If you love playing football and would like to work hard to achieve the best of your abilities as a footballer do not hesitate to contact us.

You can be sure that we will do all out best and use all the connections to help you achieve your full potential.

A one to one session is a valuable time together that can bring the best out of the player and is a great way to motivate with an intensive learning experience from the basics all the way up to becoming a professional footballer.


The intensive 1hour training will consist of passing, dribbling, control, shooting etc.


Progressing onto more advanced training i.e. movement, positioning, fitness, tactics and more advanced skills progressing the individual to their highest potential.

We look forward to starting on what could be the path to a professional contract.