Hambleden FC (Sports and Social Club)


We have been working with the people that run the Hambleden football club for over 5 years now and we have built an amazing realtionship with them. Hambleden FC has 2 football teams that play on Saturday and Sundays with the first and reseves playing Saturday and the Sunday team playing on Sunday,

They have done an amazing job to rebulid the club house a year a go and the playing surface looks very beautiful and well maitained.


Hambleden Sports and Social Club is a community organisation providing sporting facilities on the Dene in the village of Hambleden as well as a social club in the village centre. The current sporting sections are cricket, tennis football and pool.


As an ex professional himself, Steve has gained experience in competing, coaching, teaching and administering physiotherapy to all levels of sporting abilities, he offers our acadmey a great outlet to when our players need any advice and physiotherapy if they are ever injured.


Steve Lodge

Who we work with

Kevin Dobson CISSN - Exercise and Nutrition

Kevin has been in the fitness industry for several years, investing his knowledge, as well as, on the job training to help his clients get results and reach their potential. 

Nutrition is a major factor of weight loss, muscle gain, increased strength, increased speed, endurance capability, for this reason Kevin completed a Post Graduate Applied Sports and Exercise Nutrition Diploma, increasing his knowledge far beyond his Personal Training qualification

Kevin looks for total commitment from his clients, so if you feel you are ready to change, give Kevin a call and discuss your goals.

Kevin has worked with current Premiership Footballer Shane Long. Helping Shane to increase strength and mobility specific for football.

Currently Strength and Condition coach for Marlow Junior Rowers, as well as advising them on nutrition choices to gain the most advantages from their training, and increase performance.

Tel: 07909 658540    email: info@beyond-fitness.co.uk