Brodie McGinnis - FAB Academy


"Before I joined the academy I was at a low level of football, I played for a local team and from this I learnt very little however I always dreamed big. After we had to move I wanted to start my football again, but this time wanted to improve a lot more. So I looked on the internet for a few clubs and my search was very minimum. 

TTPLAP improved me by taking it to the next level,  They improve us in abillity to work with the ball but not only that it improved us tactically, it changed the way we thought about the game itself. Also TTPLAP is not a team it is to work individually on you as a players needs and will work on your weaknesses.

The support I get from the academy and especially Cipri is unreal, because I know the club will always be there when I need to improve and if I know myself I want to improve on a certain thing then I know I can count on them to help me do this. I am given so much opportunities, apart from these things I have mentioned there is so much other things I am given such as helping train younger children, who want to improve in there football ability’s. Also the dedication put in by the Academy is amazing They comes to many games to watch me and to see how much I have improved, also he will tell me what i can work on very time he watches. Also he puts time and effort on me to improve so I need to back. 

If you want to improve as a footballer individually then you should join TTPLAP.

This academy offers many more opportunities for you making you better than you are now, and will drive you very far if you."

Harry Campbell - Wycombe Wanderes FC College


"I first joined the academy when it was founded back in 2014, first impressions were good, it was set out in a professional way, just like any other professional football Academy. The coach, Cipri, is a friendly but serious coach, its all good to have fun and joke about but when he is coaching you do it in a professional manor and he encourages you to push yourself and become the best that you can be, When I first came to the academy I was playing poor level of football for my age, he took me under his wing and taught me many things and how to understand the game alot better by telling me to do the simple thing, no need to do all these 30 yard balls, just keep it simple. This programme helped me alot as we focused on my individual weakness and improved apon them. After 2 years at the academy, I have now gone on to play for Wycombe Wanderers Academy where I'm now playing academy level football. I would recommend anyone who gets the chance to come to TTP like a Pro as it will benefit your footballing abilities massively, take mine as an example."


Jack Baldwin - Ex Arsenal FC Academy

"My time with Think Train Play Like a Pro and Cipri himself was very helpful and eye opening, I improved a lot whilst training with him, I trained one on one with Cipri himself and with his academy with other footballers both helped me a lot and gave me great opportunities as I went on to play with Arsenal for 2 years and Marlow’s first team also went undefeated with Flackwell Heath also winning the treble. I have become a much better goalkeeper and I enjoy playing a lot more because I can be successful in what I do."