Ciprian Pintilie - Head Coach and founder of TTP

At the age of 7 years old, a friend of mine was playing football at academy level and i wanted to join him and get into football. At the age of 10 years old i joined my first academy, I stayed within my age group for 2 years playing at a high level, as those two years at the academy went by i attracted interest and at the age of 12 i was asked to train with the reserves. My first game for the reserves came at the age of 14 and i ended up playing regularly for them for the next two consecutive seasons. When i hit the age of 16 the first team had been promoted into Romania's first professional league and i was offered my first pro contract. I played professional football for the next two years, i then decided i didn't want to do this anymore and started doing charity work and gave up football.

Harry Campbell - Coach

I started playing football at the age of 10, i was inspired by the South Africa 2010 World cup, it was after the final that i was motivated enough to go to the park opposite my house and play football. It just so happened that, that same night a lot football team were training and they turned out to be all my mates from school, i wanted to join straight away and i never looked back. I wasn't the greatest and i never really started. The first day i met Cipri was when he showed up at one of our training sessions one day, barely able to speak english and said he wanted to coach us football. After a few seasons working with us, he made his own team which i joined and all the other players that weren't playing regularly followed. Within two seasons we all had improved massively by playing regularly for him and been given the right training to better ourselves. Cipri then went off to better himself with his footballing coaching career, i then joined his academy when it started up in 2013, he provided the players there with the correct training techniques and built us all up with confidence. He made me the player i am today for Wycombe, i then in 2015 took it up personally that i wanted to do my coaching badges. I am now a Level 1 Coach soon to be Level 2, I am now coaching my own U11s side in Marlow as well as working with Cipri at TTP. Not only do i coach an U11s side and at TTP i go with Wycombe Wanderers to local schools to coach as well. Having worked alongside Cipri as a player and now to be working for him as a coach is a pleasure because we share the same views and passion for the game. It also helps me to understand what the players are going through at the academy being a former player myself.

Within the first 7 months of opening my own academy i worked with one player and he ended up going on trail with Arsenal FC and he got accepted in. I went onto work with other players who ended up having trails with Reading FC, Wycombe Wanderers and FAB academy - Read our success stories here. Whilst running my own academy i was managing Henley Town FC who play in the Hellenic standard. My coaching career has propelled forward and i left my post at Henley and a year later i am now a scout for premier league side Crystal Palace, I am also coach for Wantage Town Reserves, who play in the Hellenic Div1. So whilst doing all this work i am running my own academy with a very clear and reachable goal - My aim is to give opportunities to grassroots players that dream of making the premier league stage. Bringing these players to our academy is a great opportunity as we use the right training techniques to improve these players and making them top players.

At the age of 23 i came to England. I got back into football by playing for a few local semi professional clubs, however i still felt playing wasn't for me. Prior coming to the UK i had already done my level 2 coaching badges and i then went onto coach for Marlow FC and Slough Town academy. As i got into coaching a lot more i found myself working for Wycombe Wanderers as a coach, i stayed there for a year and a half and i then decided to start up my own academy in 2013 - TTP Like a Pro.